Grand Prix de Léopoldville

by Michael Satterfield

The Grand Prix de Léopoldville was held between 1957-1960, it was a one of a series of Grand Prix races held in Colonial Africa attracting racers from the Colonies as well as Europe. George Pfaff, Pierre Berchem, Christian Goethals, and Paul Frère (pictured above in his Ferrari) all took part in the race held in what was once the capital of the Belgian Congo. Léopoldville was not a one-off, Grand Prix races were also held in Rhodesia, Mozambique, South Africa, Belgian Congo, and Angola.

Year  Circuit         Category   Winner

1960 Léopoldville Sportscar   Goethals (Porsche RSK)

1959 Léopoldville Sportscar    Berchem (Lotus)

1958 - No Race -

1957 Léopoldville Sportscar    Cabral

1960 marked the end of Grand Prix racing in Léopoldville with the fall of colonialism and Congolese independence, sadly there are not many photos from these races. But what can be found is an interesting look back on motorsports history and a world that no longer exists.

Léopoldville 1960