My Deejo A Gentleman's Knife

by Michael Satterfield

There are few accessories more handy to carry than a good pocket knife. Sadly most men don't put a lot of thought into buying a knife, it is simply something they picked up at the hardware store or just before a camping trip. But a traditional camping pocket knife or multitool is not always something you can carry, sometimes you need a gentleman's knife.

I have always carried a pocket knife since my days in the Boy Scouts, but most knives on the market are utilitarian or tactical and serve their purposes. Deejo however, is making practical, affordable bespoke pocket knives that are functional, simple, and beautifully made. It is a knife you can carry as a functional accessory. I know that a good pocket knife can come in handy, I have used my pocket knives for everything from opening packages to rescuing a motorist in an overturned car.

I think the thing that I like most about the Deejo is the customization aspect the image above is the Deejo I designed. Black finish, carbon fiber handle, "Sky Shark" etching on the blade, and my name etched on the handle. With three finishes, a number of handle choices, and dozens of unique etching designs the possible combinations are nearly endless.

Head over to and configure your own custom knife with prices starting at under $60 it is a great value for a uniquely functional accessory.