Novoo AC Power Bank

by Michael Satterfield

A big part of my job is traveling for stories, working on the road, means I need to be able to power my devices, especially in some of the remote parts of the world I travel too. So when Omars Electronics offered to send me their new Novoo AC Power Bank, I was excited to try it out. Featuring a 20,100 mAh battery and outlets including USB-C, USB, and 60w AC, that means I can recharge much more than my phone when I am on the go. 

From powering my laptop when the factory battery is running low, to recharging batteries for my drone on the go, the Novoo AC Power Bank is the perfect combination of power and size with its unique cylindrical design, it fits perfectly into my camera bag backpack, taking up no more room than a medium sized telephoto lens. I have other power banks I travel with as well, but while this one does have USB ports I mostly use it for charging my larger devices like laptops, cameras, and drones. 

Overall I have been using the Novoo while working on the road for the last few weeks and it has really given me more flexibility, allowing me to get more work done out in the field, while still fitting in my main travel camera backpack.

You can buy the Novoo AC Power Bank on Amazon and when you use Coupon Code NOVOOESS at check out you save 15%,

While you are there check out some of the other awesome products by Omars Electronics includes the 10-Port Hub (use Coupon Code OMARS10P for 15% off) and the Omars even larger 26,800 90 watt AC Power Bank (use Coupon Code NOVOOTPB for 10% off).

Tech Specs of the Novoo AC Power Bank:
Plugs: 1x USB-A (quickcharge 3.0 ), 1x USB-C (fast charging), and 1 AC 60w
Battery Capacity: 201,100 mAh
Size: 80mm x 80mm x 155mm
Weight: 2.12 pounds
Input: Novoo includes a standalone power adapter with a 19V/1.6A adapter that charges the unit from 0-100% in a 3-4 hours.