The CCM Spitfire

Since the very beginning, CCM have done things a little different, and the present day is no exception. The most notable difference that separates CCM from the rest, is the way in which they sell bikes directly to their own customers, no middlemen!

Many motorcycle brands have lost touch with their customer’s needs and interests, taking a step back in recent years. Most manufacturers will sell through a network of dealers around the world, and although it’s an efficient and cost-effective way of working, it doesn’t allow you to really get to grips with those who come into the contact with the brand or get to know who they are.

CCM threw caution to the wind, tossing this outdated model to the side, preferring to deal with their own customers directly. This allows them to maintain a level of service unheard of in the motorcycle industry. Where else would a manufacturer invite you down for a brew where you can stand and watch your bike being hand-built? A customer could pick up the phone any time, and speak directly to sales, production managers, or even the CAD designers who dreamt up your bike. There are huge benefits to purchasing from a wholly family-owned business.

As the business grows and production increases, the company has managed to keep that personal feel, and each customer is treated like, and becomes, a member of the CCM family. Cutting out the middleman allows the brand to stay competitive, remove hard sell tactics, allows them to deal with issues quickly and efficiently, but more importantly, they can now build a greater personal relationship with those true bikers who have fallen in love with the CCM brand.

To date, the business has taken over 1200 Spitfire orders directly, and those ordered bikes are currently in production. Many of the original Spitfire customers have now received their bikes, and sightings are now being reported from excited bikers all over the UK. Most decided to visit CCM headquarters and collect their bike straight of the production line upon completion. When it comes to servicing and maintenance of the CCM bikes, teams of service engineers will be spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. Their role is to stay out on the road and come to customers directly whenever they need them.

Currently, CCM’s Spitfire models are available to order in the UK only, leaving the rest of the world frustrated at not being able to get their hands on such an amazing motorcycle. Some, have been coming to the UK to purchase a bike, registering it here, and then shipping them abroad, out of sheer determination to own a Spitfire.

The reason the bikes are not for sale outside of the UK is unfortunately down to the E4 homologation being so drastically different from regulations in the UK, that the bikes would need to be redesigned and developed specially for the European market.

That is exactly what CCM motorcycles plan to do in the very near future!

Following the overwhelming success, the bike manufacturer has firmly set its sights on four key markets within Europe. Soon, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany will be the first countries on the planet to have access to these, beautifully hand-crafted, limited edition motorcycles.

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