The New Abarth 595

TGR Staff

The brand with the Scorpion badge is introducing the new Abarth 595 range, which embodies the evolution of their most iconic model. Two new colors have been introduced to the range, Adrenaline Green on the 595 Competizione and Trofeo, with Asphalt Grey available on the Turismo. The new Record Monza Active exhaust is introduced as a standard feature on the 595 Competizione and Trofeo, featuring an active valve controlled by a Sport button. When pressed, the Sport button opens the exhaust valve and the engine rumble becomes deeper and bolder. The driver can choose a more composed engine sound or a tougher, sportier – and more traditionally Abarth – roar.

Available in a choice of hatchback or convertible, the new 595 range features four versions - 595, 595 Trofeo, 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione. All Abarth 595 models come with a Euro 6D-Temp compliant 1.4 T-Jet engine with power levels ranging from 145hp to 180hp to satisfy all customer needs. With attention to detail and advanced engineering, the 595 is a model capable of expressing the two personalities of the brand – performance and style. The four different versions of the new 595 range are all compact, light, agile and unparalleled in terms of customization.

The 595 Competizione is more radical and designed for performance and no-compromise sports car fans, the 595 Turismo embraces the style and comfort typical of Italian Gran Turismos. There is plenty of focus on details, with premium leather interiors and Urban Pack which consists of dusk sensor, rain sensor, and parking sensors.

Distinctive yet affordable, the 595 is Abarth's entry-level model and offers all the standard equipment needed to deliver the thrilling driving pleasures typical of the brand with the Scorpion badge. For instance, the 595 has a flat-bottom steering wheel with a satin chrome center stripe. A Sport button which, in this case, adjusts maximum torque output, the power steering and accelerator pedal settings. The braking system is specific to Abarth and ensures top-notch safety by fitting ventilated 284mm discs on the front and 240mm discs on the rear. The 595 Trofeo is the special series filled with plenty of performance-oriented equipment, such as Abarth Telemetry to monitor performance at all times and Koni rear suspension with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology to optimize the driving experience and ensure greater road-holding, handling and stability.

The Abarth 695 Rivale remains available in the complete model range. The aim of the 695 Rivale is to go beyond the traditional values of Abarth by embracing the unique allure of Riva. Its style is inspired by the Riva “56 Rivale” open, one of the most elegant and fastest yachts the Sarnico yard has ever built. The Abarth 695 Rivale has its own exclusive livery, the two-tone Riva Evening Blue and Shark Grey paintwork, with the touch of two aquamarine stripes which is reminiscent of the "beauty line" drawn on a yacht hull.

One of the most exciting new features is the new Record Monza exhaust. The most recent development debuting on the new 595 range is the active valve controlled by a Sport button on the dashboard. The opening of the exhaust valve was previously based on exhaust gas pressure but can now be actively controlled and the driver can choose either a more composed engine sound or a bolder, sportier – more traditionally Abarth – rumble. The new Active Record Monza exhaust is standard on 595 Competizione and 595 Trofeo and its powerful, aggressive roar is the result of a perfect combination of technology and design.

The new Abarth 595 range is available to order now