100 Days in M235i

A young man named Oliver from Toronto has recently taken a 100 Day | 20,000-mile road trip across North America in his BMW M235i. The trip which he has dubbed 'The Grand Detour' took him to from the forests of the North East to the arrid deserts of the South West, North to the far reaches of Alaska and across lonely stretches of highway in Canada.  

Olive is releasing a series of stories and videos about his adventure, detailing everything about his trip, from where he went, camping in a BMW M235i, cooking on the road, and all the amazing places he discovered.

With it (the BMW), I got to explore half of a continent, ranging from Mars-like deserts to Antarctica-like icefields. It forged through the Loneliest Road of America and hit the speed limit… of the road. As if I wasn’t already overloaded by the glorious ocean-bound cliffs and the spectacular Jurassic-like valleys, the car’s agility and willingness to play was peppering my sense of awe with shots of adrenaline, at each corner, like spraying fuel into the fire.

If you want to follow along as Oliver shares his adventures, he has created a YouTube Channel as well as Instagram Account under The Grand Detour name. His first videos take you through what he packed and the first few days of his trip from Toronto across to Detroit and in Amish country.

Photos by Oliver