What Women Want to See in Your Online Dating Profile

TGR Staff

The world of online dating means everyone is in the online marketing business whether they like it or not. From finding a date for the company party to looking for your soulmate, but a recent study shows that there are more men online dating profiles than women. That means, if you are a guy, you need to find a way to make your profile stand out from all the rest. 

So I asked dating experts and relationship coaches to share their best tips for making your online dating profile the best it can be. The main takeaways were good clear photos, actually write a real bio, and seriously stop with the dick pics. 

Here is everything else they had to say.

"For guys who want more matches and dates from online dating, using the right featured photo is the game-changer. What not to do? No selfies, no ball-caps, no dark, grainy photos. Women are drowning in mediocre selfies, and they almost always reject them. Have a quality portrait taken, either by a professional photographer or by a friend who has photo experience. The image should be crisp, clear and well-lit. Look right into the lens and smile -- this establishes trust and connection. And dress in your photo the way you would on a first date. Show her the dashing, put-together guy she'd meet. 

My client Kevin came to me because he was getting zero quality Tinder matches, and no wonder -- his main photo showed him in his dark garage, and he wore an old T-shirt and a scowl. He looked like Dexter in his kill room. We put him in a snazzy, white button-down and had his portrait taken outside near sunset. The new shot conveys Keith's authentic warmth and positivity. He went from zero to 24 quality matches in just three days. A picture isn't just worth a thousand words. It's worth a thousand matches."

Connell Barrett, Dating Coach, DatingTransformation.com 

"When a guy uses a canned line in his bio or when reaching out, or you can tell he is trying to look cool or appeal to the masses it is a huge turnoff. The best way to approach a girl is to have an authentic bio, even it if seems funny or strange, as long as it is your true sense of humor, and you'll actually end up looking cooler than if you were just trying to be cool.

Also, try to connect with the girl by reaching out with a specific question or comment about her profile or common ground you two have. 

Stacy Caprio, Coach, Stacycaprio.com

"Include in your profile:  A little bit about you – your interests, likes, what you are looking for in a person and in a relationship, etc. Note that any mention of finances is not ever appropriate in a profile and in fact, is a huge turn-off.

Be honest in all respects; including your age, height, body type, employment, and marital status. A lot of guys think, their little white lie won’t matter. Yes. It. Will. 

Do not go into great detail about bitter breakups, a divorce or a widowhood experience in your profile. It can be seen as code for "not ready to be dating". Choose the appropriate (and truthful) marital status that the website menu offers and leave it at that. Remember that a profile is an introduction, not a life story."

Carole Brody Fleet, Author & Speaker

"Online profile turn-offs, dick pics, negative talk about all the bad women out there or their awful ex-wife, any dead animals (seriously even women who like hunting hate those pics) and hiding your height or gorgeous bald head. Short bald guys get girls because they don’t try to hide it. And proper grammar. Women read. Spelling and punctuation count. Women like smart, professional men. Don’t write a formal business letter but know the difference between your and you’re.

Take better photos. Absolutely no bathroom selfies, seriously, you are an adult, have some class. I don't care how young at heart you feel, we are just done with bathroom selfies. You need real photos. A profile with 6 selfies says so many sad things about you that I won't get into here but it is often a symptom of why a client's dating has gone so wrong. Don't hide your flaws. Photos with baseball caps do not hide the fact that you are bald. However, it does highlight the fact that you are insecure about it which is way more unattractive." 

Coach JJ, Image Dating Coach

Lead Image by Michael Satterfield additional Images via Pixabay