McLaren | Belstaff

TGR Staff

A unique new “capsule” collection of men’s and women’s luxury clothes is announced today by McLaren Automotive and Belstaff, marking the first collaboration between the creator of luxury, high-performance sportscars and supercars and the iconic British clothing brand.
The respective creative teams combined their design philosophies and expertise to create new, original luxury clothing, perfectly suited to the needs of both brands’ customers. Each piece has been purposefully designed to incorporate ergonomic seam lines and innovative stretch fabrics to allow for a full range of movement for a lifestyle both at the wheel and beyond the car.

The Belstaff X McLaren Collection comprises 10 men’s outerwear items and three women’s pieces, with each element embodying the design ethos, materials innovation and performance heritage at the heart of the two brands. The collection characterizes the “capsule wardrobe” principle – based around a few essential classics that never go out of fashion – in the most elegant and functional way possible.
As with McLaren’s range of luxury performance cars, the products in the Belstaff X McLaren Collection tell the visual story of their function in a simple but technically precise way. The pieces feature classic designs and a limited color palette of black and deep navy, in order to be flexible and functional and as easy to wear during the working week as at weekends.

“The Belstaff X McLaren Collection represents the pure distillation of what you need, made beautiful. There is no excess. Everything is there for a reason. This is part of the McLaren DNA but it is also in Belstaff DNA and working with Belstaff on the Collection has been a meeting of like minds. Applying McLaren principles to different products and watching them come to life has been enthralling.”Rob Melville, McLaren Automotive Design Director

Sharing the same brand values, design philosophy and creative processes allowed the McLaren and Belstaff teams to create a collection uniquely McLaren while at the same time honoring Belstaff’s near 100-year tradition of technically excellent, beautifully crafted outfitting. The choice of generations of pioneers, Belstaff has been worn by notables including Steve McQueen and the first female aviator, Amelia Earhart.

The combination of outfitting innovation with McLaren’s 50 years of racing and automotive experience has resulted in a collection of expertly curated pieces that puts the driver center stage. Mesh ventilation, laser-cut seams, pivot armholes, padded shoulders for seatbelt comfort, concealed micro-pockets, and minimal necklines to aid peripheral vision are some of the ways in which the Belstaff X McLaren Collection has been tailored for in-car comfort. Innovative stretch fabrics allow for a full range of movement while the lightweight, breathable and water-resistant fabrics ensure pieces can be worn in a variety of environments.
Both men’s and women’s collection are centered around three outwear styles: an all-season Performance Shell Field Jacket; a lightweight stretch nylon outerwear, named the Lightweight Hero Driving Jacket; a Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket. The men’s collection also features other suiting, shirting and layering options. Each piece in the Collection features a serial number and a Belstaff X McLaren label.

 “The Belstaff X McLaren Collection merges the best qualities of both brands. We both share an obsession with design, performance and innovation.”Helen Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Belstaff

The Belstaff X McLaren Collection launches Tuesday November 6 in the UK, Europe and the USA, with the Collection launching in Asia early 2019. The Collection will be available from selected McLaren Automotive retailers worldwide as well as Belstaff’s global stores and official online sites, and selected retail partners.

To find further details on the other pieces available, please visit the retail website: HERE
The new collection starts from $210 with the new stretch poplin or the base layer merino top.
Lightweight Hero Driving Jacket | $595
Front: minimal no-obstruction view mesh collar, breathable mesh inserts for ventilation, waterproof zip with rubber puller, invisible zip side pockets, articulated sleeve construction.
Back: padded shoulders for seatbelt comfort, pivot armhole, individual garment serial numbers, seam sealed garments, extended rear to cover kidneys
Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket | S1,595
Front: engineered perforations for ventilation, padded shoulders for seatbelt comfort, padded collar insert, waterproof zip with rubber puller, concealed micro zip pockets, articulated sleeve construction. Back: stretch panels to aid movement and articulation, waterproof cuff zips, individual garment serial numbers, extended rear to cover kidneys