Texas Motor Speedway with Suave Men®

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Suave Men®

Texas Motor Speedway is one of fastest intermediate speedways on the NASCAR circuit, so I was excited when Suave Men® invited me out to hang out with Justin Allgaier and spend a day at the track. Since moving to Texas I have been wanting to go to a race at the speedway and an Xfinity Series 300 mile race was perfect for a first-time visit to the track. So I got up early on Saturday morning and hit the road north towards Dallas/Fort Worth.

The first thing you notice as you make your way towards the TMS from the freeway is the scale of it, the 1.5-mile track sits on 1,500 acres, about twenty miles north of Fort Worth. The speedway's grounds also has two smaller tracks, camping grounds for RVs, parking, a condo tower, seating for nearly 130,000 people with a total maximum capacity of over 180,000, it even has it's own Torchy's Tacos and 7 Eleven. Like they say everything is bigger in Texas. 

I met with Bobby our contact from Suave and the other members of the group which included former NFL Player and Food Network television personality Eddie Jackson and his father. YouTubers Tiff & Case and their son Isaac. Also fashion influencer Carlos Deloye Harris Jr. would join us later in the day, trackside. We went up to the Speedway Club to meet with JR Motorsports Driver Justin Allgaier who would be driving the No. 7 Suave Men Chevrolet Camaro.

Justin was very nice and spoke with us about his partnership with Suave Men, answered questions about the race, told us what it was like growing up in a racing family, and what it takes to be a member of a NASCAR team at this level. While he headed down to prep for the race, we headed to the restaurant for an amazing lunch overlooking the track while the teams qualified. 

After lunch, we made our way down to the infield and toured the garages, transporter, pits, and met with some of the key crew members. I also ran into a few friends who were working the race, both on teams and in the media. NASCAR is a pretty small world. We headed back to the pits to catch up with Justin before the pre-race festivities and driver introductions. If you ever have a chance to go to a NASCAR Race be sure to get their early so you can get out on the track during the opening ceremony it is a great experience and gives you a different perspective of just how large the track and how steep some of the banking can be on the speedway. 

The Suave Men No. 7 was running well and Justin qualified 5th, he paused for sign autographs and take photos with fans and members of our group before heading out to line up for the opening ceremonies. I made my way to the pit box where we could watch the start of the race with the crew. Afterward, we made our way to the private hospitality suite at turn three to watch the rest of the race. The sense of speed as the cars go flying by, the sound (even with earplugs), and the smell of fuel and rubber make going to a race in person so much better than just watching it at home on TV or on the app.

It was a great race, Justin led 37 laps, and was leading up until the very end when a caution caused by an accident allowed the rest of the field to catch up, and a second caution in the last few laps resulted in him being passed and finishing 5th overall. Just is the Regular Season Champion for 2018, with five overall wins. He is currently 4th in the playoffs and has a chance of winning it all. If you want to learn more about how NASCAR points work check out this break down from NASCAR.

Overall it was an amazing day and if you have an opportunity I suggest visiting a race in person. I also want to thank Suave Men for hosting an amazing day at the track and for hooking me up with their awesome body wash, shampoo, and hair products.

Also, check out my YouTube video from the day HERE.