Budget Home Theater Projector

by Michael Satterfield

Movie night is more fun when you have a big screen, but not having a TV means watching on a PC or iPad, which can make relaxing with a group a lot harder. I have always liked the idea of having a compact portable projector that could be set up anywhere, so when I had a chance to check out the RCA RPJ116 1080 projector I was excited to see how well it performed. 

This projector is perfect for movie night and will project up to 105 inches, however, if you are going to go that big a screen is really recommended. Set up was easy, simply plug and play using the built-in HDMI, USB, or VGA ports. The remote requires two AAA batteries (not included) and the built-in speaker is surprisingly good for a small room, but you can always plug into your own speaker system using the audio jack. It also has built-in speakers that provide surprisingly decent stereo sound.

We used a Google Chromecast to stream from YouTube (H3H3 deserves the biggest screen possible) and Netflix, and even on the light grey walls the color and sharpness were very good. Obviously, the darker the room the better the picture gets (you can see the difference between the two photos with the lights on and off).

This powerful little project retails for just $89 at popular retailers like Walmart and Amazon and is a great option for the few nights a month we want to watch a movie or our favorite YouTubers. I am going to get an outdoor screen so we can have fun movie nights in the backyard when the weather is good. 

Overall I have to say that for the money this project is hard to beat, you will need more than 2000 lumens to watch during the day, but if you can draw the curtains or watch at night, you will be surprised with how well this little unit performs.