Holiday Suiting Trends

by Michael Satterfield

The holiday season is in full swing and that means holiday parties, many of which are formal or at least require a suit and tie. Having a few formal events myself this season I reached out to Ralph Auriemma, Creative Director at Paul Stuart and Phineas Cole to get his top tips on what is trending this season for men's suits and formal wear. Ralph has been at the helm of Paul Stuart since 2014 and his style is strongly influenced by the golden age of Hollywood when celebrities like Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, and Walter Pidgeon were style icons for all the right reasons.

Velvet and Color: "For this holiday season, we prefer an elegant velvet evening jacket, with either a peak lapel in either satin or grosgrain. Our jacket features a frog closure at the waist instead of a button. It's available in classic black along with navy and purple.  We see this paired with charcoal grey flannel or a tartan plaid evening trouser for a modern update to the classic tuxedo."

When it comes to holiday suits Ralph says; "A black suit can be very glamorous in a flannel weight with a peak lapel. Paired with a cut-a-way shirt in a crisp poplin and solid black silk tie this is also very modern and perfect for a younger man." When you head to the tailor be sure to focus on the length of the sleeves and the fit at the shoulder and waist, "You should ask your tailor to make you look like a 1930s Hollywood movie star."

The one taboo to avoid is combining too many patterns, from stripes to paisleys make sure that your materials and patterns all complement each other. A good rule of thumb is to select one item with a pattern and use solids that accent it.

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