The Ultimate Overland Watch

by Michael Satterfield

CASIO and ViewRanger have partnered on what might be the ultimate outdoor/overland smartwatch, the CASIO Pro Trek WSD-F30 model that offers improved display quality and longer battery life within the smaller body so if you are on an overland adventure by foot, bike, or 4x4 you can have reliable offline maps literally on hand.

The Pro Trek not only helps you find routes near you based on your GPS location the app can run as a standalone watch app, meaning no smartphone connection is required after downloading offline maps and routes to the watch.

"Our new Wear OS app on CASIO Pro Trek smart creates an incredible adventure companion," said Craig Wareham, CEO at ViewRanger. "Finding the right trail is quicker and simpler. The watch recommends trails near your location then explorers can download trail guide information with photos, descriptions, and maps directly to the watch. Users can also record adventures and sync them to their ViewRanger account and smartphone."

With ViewRanger on a CASIO Pro Trek smart, explorers can use the following smartwatch features:

Pick what offline maps are saved on your CASIO Pro Trek smart, including worldwide street maps, terrain maps, and satellite imagery.
Download premium offline topographic maps onto watch for 17 countries, including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the USA. Some maps sold separately.

Discover route guides within 1.5 kilometers of your GPS location.
Import routes from your ViewRanger account.
Save routes and related maps for offline use.

These standalone tracks and stats features are exclusive to CASIO Pro Trek smart.
Record and track your outdoor activity.
See your track on detailed maps.
View live stats, including altitude, distance, duration, and elevation gain/loss.
Sync tracks to your ViewRanger account.

See your GPS location on maps.
View your current GPS grid position.
Consult digital compass and waypoint directions when following compatible route guides.

Use with iPhone and Android smartphones:

ViewRanger taps into the built-in GPS on the Casio Pro Trek Smart. No WiFi or data signals required to navigate routes, record tracks, and view offline maps. For full offline use without a phone, users need to download routes guides and offline maps before leaving home.

The new app is available now on CASIO Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20, WSD-F20A, and WSD-F30 models. All features are now live in the Google Play Store except for standalone tracks and stats features which launch on March 1, 2019. Learn More Here.