A New Kind of Tie

 by Michael Satterfield

I have brands reaching out to me all the time looking to have me review or promote their products, but very few make the cut. But when the team over at GoTie sent over a box of their pre-tied ties, I was impressed with the quality and the fact that it wasn't just a novel gimmick, but a solution to a problem a lot of men face, not knowing how to tie a tie.

I learned early on how to tie a tie, my father taught me when I was in high school and over the years of working in different professional settings, ties have been a big part of my wardrobe, but not every guy had someone there to teach them. Be it their first big job interview, graduation, or an important date nothing can stress a guy out more than not knowing how to tie a tie.

According to Google "How to tie a tie" is the most common how-to term search and instructional videos on YouTube have racked up hundreds of millions of views as guys scramble to learn how to tie a tie, usually just before an important event. GoTie eliminates the stress of tying the perfect knot and makes getting the perfect length easy without the hassle of tying and retying the tie over and over again. Simply slip the tie over your head, adjust the length and tighten, that's it.

Beyond just helping guys out who never really learned how to tie a tie, GoTie is the perfect solution for people with hand dexterity issues and disabilities which make tying a standard tie impossible, the confidence that comes from looking sharp is one thing, but the independence a GoTie gives to millions of men is immeasurable. Originally created by veteran Adam Lucero in 2011, the GoTie was quickly adopted by uniform companies for the hospitality industry as a way to ensure a consistent look among all their employees. In 2014 the Adam was granted his first patent for his slide knot technology and continued to improve the design over the next few years. Until 2017 the GoTie was still primarily sold to uniform companies, but Adam knew that his ties could serve a broader audience.

In 2018 Chuck Norris (yeah that Chuck Norris) discovered GoTie and partnered with the company to launch a Kickstarter Campaign in early 2019 which raised the funds to launch the retail division of the GoTie. GoTies are offered in dozens of patterns, colors, in a skinny or full Windsor tie, youth and bow ties are also coming soon. The company also is offering a line of dress shirts and accessories, which can all be found on GoTie.com.

I have been wearing the GoTies often and while I still have an extensive collection of traditional neckties, the GoTie has become a go-to in my wardrobe.

*GoTie sent products to me unsolicited, all opinions are my own, myself and my company were not paid by GoTie for this story or any subsequent photos used on social media or endorsement of this product.