Bugatti Home Collection

by Michael Satterfield 

Many people don't connect the Bugatti name with furniture, however, the name behind the world's fastest cars has a long history of furniture, with Carlo Bugatti designing and manufacturing fine furniture since the 1880s.

Unveiled at Salone del Mobile, the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy, the new Bugatti Home Collection celebrated the 110th anniversary of the storied automotive brand. Bugatti partner Luxury Living Group has set up their display like an actual home, clearly inspired by the curves of the French hyper sports cars, from the stand’s walls and windows to the wood paneling and carpets, putting the details of the collection in the spotlight. On the parking spot of the Bugatti Home, the Bugatti Divo celebrated its Italian premiere.

“The shared values of both companies – craftsmanship, innovation, and design – a position both companies at the pinnacle of their respective industry”, stated Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann. “And even looking into the history of Bugatti furniture plays a big role, with Carlo Bugatti, the father of our founder Ettore, having been an interior designer, passing on his artistry to his sons.”

The Bugatti Home Cobra Chair “limited edition” reinterprets the original version designed and created in 1902 by Carlo Bugatti in a contemporary key. Limited to 110 pieces in the blue and white version this chair is an exclusive tribute to the 110th anniversary of Bugatti and features the “110 Ans Bugatti” logo embroidered on the backrest. In collaboration with Etienne Salomé, Deputy Director of Bugatti Design, the design was slimmed down to give it a new stylish dynamism, whilst continuing to respect the original expressive language.

The Cobra Chair, however, is by far not the only item of the Bugatti Home Collection inspired by the French luxury brand. “Everything in the collection, which bears the signatures of two of the most prestigious international designers, Carlo Colombo and Toan Nguyen, alludes to performance, technology and elegance, essential features of the prestigious Bugatti hyper sports cars”, Raffaella Vignatelli, Chairman of Luxury Living Group explained.

Exclusive leathers, the rare Sodalite gemstone as a reminder of the Bugatti blue, Striato Olimpico marble and extremely soft high-performance technical fabrics enable luxury and technology to be combined. After all, customers of both brands appreciate cutting-edge design and the selection of the finest materials – no matter if they sit in the Bugatti Chiron, or lie in the new Bugatti Home Chiron bed.

Source: Bugatti