Yema Rallye Mario Andretti Limited Edition

by Michael Satterfield

French watchmaker Yema has been producing top quality watches since 1948 for special forces operators, astronauts, and of course racing drivers. In 1968, Yema released the Rallygraf, a watch designed with a tachometer specifically for racing enthusiasts. These watches were worn by racing drivers in nearly all forms of motorsports, but in 1969 Mario Andretti wore a Yema Rallye chronograph when he beat A. J. Foyt and Lloyd Ruby in the first Indianapolis 500 that only had mid-rear engined cars.

Now 50 years later, Yema pays tribute to the legendary racer by reissuing the Yema Rallye chronograph worn by Andretti back in 1969. Just 1969 timepieces will be sold and are available for pre-order online now. Priced at $2,699 shipping in June 2019.

“I love wristwatches almost as much as I love racing. I bought this one in the 1960s because I thought it was really cool. At the time, it was state-of-the-art and right on the cutting edge of modern. I got many compliments on it so I wore it often. I actually wore it daily for the entire month of May 1969 in preparation for the Indianapolis 500 – for practice, qualifying and during the race itself. It certainly became sentimental after I won that race, just like the helmet I wore that day and the fire suit. And the race car that carried me across the finish line ended up in the Smithsonian. All of these things became part of a day that changed my life.” - Mario Andretti

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Movement:  Swiss chronograph ETA Valjoux 7753
Size: 39mm - Polished 316L Stainless Steel
Dial: Matt Black Dial, Chrome-Plated Brass
Subdials, Hands with Super-Luminova finish
Chrystal: Domed Sapphire with Anti-Reflection treatment
Straps:  Set of 3 vintage rally-style watch bands (black, light brown and dark brown)
Made in France.