8 Ways to Make Your Car Look Cooler

 by Scott Huntington

We all love our cars, but let's be honest here. There are plenty of fully functional stock cars that don't look as cool as they possibly could. Here are eight easy ways to make your car look more relaxed, without breaking the bank.

1. Headlight Covers

There's nothing worse than dull headlights. While you can polish them back up with a little bit of toothpaste and some elbow grease, why not protect your headlights and prevent them from oxidizing in the first place? Headlight covers give your front end a sleek and polished look while protecting your lights from damage and oxidation.

2. Interior LED Lights

Dome lights are functional but not as aesthetically pleasing as they might be. You can replace these lights with bright LED's - and even line your seats with them, so your entire interior glows when the doors are open.

3. Body Kits

Change up the whole look of your car with a body kit. These inexpensive mods attach to your car's existing bodywork, creating sleeker lines and even sometimes improving aerodynamics. You won't even recognize your car once you're done.

4. Vehicle Wraps

Repainting your car can change the entire look, but it's expensive and if you're leasing your vehicle, it can violate the terms of that contract. Instead of painting the car, consider installing a vehicle wrap. These vinyl coatings envelop the entire vehicle, protecting your clear coat while giving you the custom look you've always wanted.

5. Sound System

This may be an expensive upgrade, but no one likes the sound quality of the stock radio in any car. You don't have to go crazy, installing a system so big it needs a second battery and a bigger alternator, but upgrading your stereo and speakers can make your entire interior look cooler.

6. Window Tint

Nothing looks cooler on a car than well-tinted windows. If you're not handy in the garage, we suggest having your tint installed professionally to prevent bubbles — and check the tint laws in your state to make sure that it's not too dark. The laws vary dramatically depending on where you're driving.

7. LED Headlights

We've already talked about the importance of clear headlights, but what about bright ones? Upgrading your existing bulbs to LEDs can make it easier for you to see at night while reducing overall costs because they last longer than traditional incandescent headlights.

8. Clean It Up

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to make your car look cooler — clean it inside and out. Nothing takes awake from the car's look more than trash, dust, and dirt, so take your time and deep-clean your car, then keep it clean once you get it there.

Show Us Your New Ride!

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