Getting Serious About Hair Health

This post is sponsored by Good Guy Wellness and #MenWhoBlog
by Michael Satterfield

I ran into a childhood friend who I hadn't seen in years, at first I didn't recognize him, he had gone almost completely bald and it was pretty shocking. My last memory of him was when we both were much younger and he had long hair. While I still have a full head of hair, paranoia began to creep in, I would freak out if I had any hairs stuck in my comb and started to wonder if I would wake up one day and find myself balding. With my large blocky head, I doubt I could pull off the Jason Statham look and the thought of a hairpiece was a non-starter.

Looking at my family history, I think I will be ok, but according to the American Hair Loss Association (yeah that is a thing), twenty-five percent of men start going bald in their mid-twenties, with two-thirds seeing hair loss by the age of 35, and by 50, almost eighty-five percent of men will have significant hair loss. With stats like that, I figured it was time to be proactive about my hair health and maintenance, so when Good Guy Wellness offered to let me try out their hair restoration treatment, which can help prevent hair loss and even help regrow thinning hair, I thought it would be a great story. Plus why wouldn't I do everything I can to prevent losing my hair?

So how does it work?
According to the team from Good Guy Wellness, their four-part program is as simple as washing your hair and taking a daily vitamin. The Shampoo and Conditions contain a mixture of Biotin, L-Carnitine, Saw Palmetto, and several other ingredients that they say stop hair loss in its tracks and encourage new hair growth from dormant follicles. Twice daily you apply a few drops of their extra strength hair regrowth treatment to the scalp, and lastly, you take two of chewable gummy vitamins a day.

One thing that I really like is that you don't have to join a hair club, meet with a doctor, or modify your daily routine. You can order Good Guy Wellness online, or even pick it up at major retailers like your local Walmart, I stopped in at the Walmart here in Waco and they had all of the products on the shelf, making Good Guy Wellness one of the most convenient hair restoration programs on the market.

My plan is to try the Good Guys Wellness program for a month and report back on my experience, will I grow thicker, stronger, hair fit for the cover a romance novella? We will see, check back for the second part of my review next month.