House 99 By David Beckham

by Michael Satterfield

I get a lot of men's grooming products sent to me, in fact, I have a backlog of products sitting on my shelf to try out. Some are good, some are just repackaged big box brands, and then there is a product that I like so much, I go out and spend my own money on it.

This new line from David Beckham falls into the category of products so impressive that they worked its way into my rotation. These products were sent to me as part of a GQ Best Box last month, which had a great mix of products and gadgets for guys.

So let's get into each of these two products.

Smooth Back Shaping Pomade: 

$25 for 3.04 oz

Amazingly light natural look and feel with a hold that lasts all day and even holds up to the Texas humidity surprisingly well.

Greater Look Face Moisturizer:

$25 for 2.53 oz

With all the sun I get from running around in convertibles, motorcycles, or just working outside for photo shoots keeping my skin moisturized is always a challenge, plus I don't tan, I just burn. Not only does the Greater Look Moisturizer feel nice going on, but it doesn't require a lot of product for coverage, isn't greasy, and has a great scent my girlfriend loves.

Currently Sold out on the House 99 site but you can find it at Ulta.

If you are ordering from House 99 do what I did and spend the extra $4 for the Smooth Back Pomade Set which gets you a sample of the moisturiser and shampoo which are great to just try or use for travel.