The McLaren 720S ‘Ride-On’

The new officially licensed McLaren 720S ‘Ride-On’is the second electric children's ride on since 2016. With functional dihedral doors, simulated carbon fiber styling cues, and all of the design elements of the full-size McLaren 720S the 'Ride-On' is the perfect way your toddler can flex on the kids in the Power Wheels.

Offered in several authentic McLaren colors, that way it can match mom or dad's real-life McLaren, the pint-sized supercar can be ordered from your McLaren dealer later this year. The mini 720S even has a launch edition which will be offered exclusively in Papaya Spark.

Powered by an electric motor operated by a working accelerator pedal with simulated engine sounds, brake function with brake light, and a dashboard display screen to cut down on toddler range-anxiety. It even has a functional infotainment system preloaded with popular children's songs, a USB or SD card can also be used to play other media including music and videos via the onboard infotainment screen. Parents can also control the vehicle via remote, in case Jr. can't be trusted with the keys just yet.

Priced from $399, every 3-6-year-old’s dream machine is expected to be in high demand.

Via McLaren