Bose Frames

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Best Buy

by Michael Satterfield 

Bose has released new sunglasses that feature built-in Bluetooth audio allowing you to listen to music, take calls, and use voice commands with Siri and your Google Assistant. The stylish frames, Alto and Rando are classic designs that seemly disguise their audio functions, and of course offer the UVA/UVB protection. The Bose Frames also allow you to remain socially available, unlike headphones that send a clear message of "don't bother me" the Bose Frames look like any other pair of sunglasses.

The Bose Frames allow you to always have your music with you, without having to remember your headphones, giving you one less thing to add to your every day carry. With nothing in your ear, you can stay connected to the world around you, while still enjoying your music. Plus they are still great sunglasses, blocking up to 99% of harmful rays, shatter and scratch-resistant lens, high-quality stainless steel hinges, and scratch-resistant nylon.

The Bose Connect app gives you easy access to all of your music and phone functions as well as first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality. Bose AR can augment your world with content for your ears instead of your eyes in a new and exciting way. The Bose Frames steer audio into the listener’s ears from the temples of the glasses without allowing people nearby to hear your music or phone conversations.

Priced from $199
Bose Alto Frames
Bose Rondo Frames