Channellock SpeedGrip

TGR Staff

Channellock launched its newest product, SpeedGrip™, an all-new family of American-made tongue & groove pliers. SpeedGrip™ prevents adjustment slippage by locking into strong channels at the push of a button, making it twice as fast with more adjustments than standard tongue & groove pliers. This tool is designed to stay in place until the adjustment button is engaged, preventing the need for constant re-adjustments. Precise, robotic laser heat-treating makes the patent-pending crosshatch teeth more durable and provides a stronger grip with more points of contact for superior job performance, and the reaming feature on the top of the tool is made for deburring pipes easily.  With CHANNELLOCK BLUE® no-slip comfort grips, these pliers are designed for ultimate control and ease hand fatigue.

"Our research shows that professional tradesmen value durability and innovation, and are proud to carry tools that are made in America," added DeArment. "In fact, 60% of consumers say they prefer hand tools made in the USA, but approximately 11% of hand tools at top retailers are actually manufactured in the U.S. We designed SpeedGrip™ to give plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and auto mechanics another quality option in their toolbox that adds to their ability to get the job done right."

SpeedGrip™ is available in three sizes and a combo pack.

428X (8")
430®X (10")
440®X (12")
GS-IX featuring the 428X (8") and 430®X (10")
Available at select retailers nationwide, the SpeedGrip™ line of pliers is 100% made in the USA and features a limited lifetime warranty.