John DeLorean Goes Hollywood in New Jason Sudeikis Film

by Jesus R. Garcia

Driven (2019) just released their first official trailer for a film inspired by true events in John Z. DeLorean’s life. DRIVEN is set in the year 1982. The same year John DeLorean found himself in a hotel room staring at a suitcase full of cocaine surrounded by FBI agents. You can sort of guess what major event this film was inspired by.

The trailer opens up with a beautiful red 1967 GTO. An agitated Jason Sudeikis struggles to get the GTO to turn over. Out of nowhere John DeLorean (Lee Pace) pops out, gives the V8 a magic touch, and fires up the cherry red muscle car. Jason Sudeikis plays Jim Hoffman, the real-life FBI informant who helped organize DeLorean’s deal while working for the FBI. This film is “inspired” by true events so it will be interesting to see a story that has always wanted to be told through a set of Hollywood beer-goggles.

Framing John DeLorean, the reenactment-biopic-documentary about John Z. DeLorean was released last month. The Documentary opens with a question about why a movie based on DeLorean’s life had not been made yet. I don’t care if it was planned, or divine convenience, I’m just excited to see how DRIVEN plays out. It’s a great story, and whether you like or dislike John DeLorean, you know you want to see his stainless steel car up on the big screen – again.

DRIVEN is set to premiere later this summer on August 16th, check out the official trailer HERE.