Lotus' $2 Million Dollar All-Electric Hypercar

by Michael Satterfield

At an exclusive reveal party in London, Lotus unveiled their latest creation, hailed as the first all-electric British hypercar, the Evija. With over 1,900hp the Evija is the world's most powerful production car, even if that production will be limited to just 130 cars,, it is still an impressive feat for the small British car firm and the first new model since the Chinese Automaker Geely took control in 2017.

While the Lotus Evija has yet to go on sale the specs look good on paper, weighing in at 3,703 lbs with just over 1,900 hp it is expected to reach 0-60 in under three seconds and have a top speed of over 200 mph. The battery pack is mounted in the middle of the carbon fiber monocoque chassis, echoing the mid-engine sports cars that made Lotus famous. Beginning in 2020, each Evija will be handcrafted in Lotus' Hethel factory in the UK and each car will be personalized to reflect the owner's tastes.

According to the release, the Evija styling is reflective of the new design language which while building on heritage takes Lotus in a new direction. Phil Popham, Lotus Cars CEO said “Evija will re-establish Lotus as a leader in terms of engineering and design. It is a hypercar that is built ‘For The Drivers’.”

Evija is priced from just over $2 million, plus taxes. To reserve yours you'll need to make your $310,000 deposit check out to Lotus Cars ASAP as the order books are now open through www.lotuscars.com.