Good Guy Wellness Date Night Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Good Guy Wellness and #MenWhoBlog

by Michael Satterfield

A few months ago we partnered with Good Guy Wellness to try out their line of hair regrowth products. While hair loss hasn't been a concern of mine, the idea of a little preventative maintenance appealed to me. As part of the project, we worked with the guys from and to start a conversation about hair health and the effects it has on men's confidence.

We had some great interactions with readers and found that more often than not, guys didn't want to talk about it thinning hair, or just didn't know where to start. The solution isn't just putting on a hat and accepting it. Taking action is a great first step towards restoring confidence and Good Guy Wellness has made it taking that first step as easy as possible. Priced at less than most salon brand products, you can order online or find it at local retailers like Walmart.

With your renewed confidence you'll need to get out and celebrate, so Good Guy Wellness wants to send one of our readers a complimentary Hair Regrowth Kit to get them started and a $75 gift card so they can take someone special out for a night on the town. Be sure to check out my original post about hair health, and enter the giveaway below.


  1. Very cool, hope I win this one. Been wanting to try something like this.