MVMT the Documentary

by Michael Satterfield

MVMT Watches have been controversial among watch enthusiasts since their launched in 2013, lauded by paid social media celebrities the brand sold over 1 million watches in just five years. Founded on the idea that consumers were overpaying for watches and were really just paying for branding and marketing, not quality. But, MVMT has been accused of doing just that, taking inexpensive Chinese watches and using social media celebrities like TJ Hunt and Jake Paul to sell them to their fans as luxury-for-less by cutting out the middleman.

From their first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to being purchased by Movado for over $100 million in 2018, the MVMT story has been closely followed and criticized by the watch community. But outside of reviews by watch enthusiasts and collectors, the founders of MVMT have never really answered any of the questions raised by the likes of Jory GoodmanBen Arthur, and countless others, until now...

Watch commentator, entrepreneur, and YouTuber Teddy Baldassarre just released a trailer for his new documentary where he sits down with MVMT CEO and co-founder Jake Kassan to talk about the brand and ask the questions many have been asking, and hopefully get some answers. Are MVMT Watches just the same watches you can buy from Chinese wholesalers with a slick marketing campaign? Or is there really a difference? 

The trailer is well-produced and it does look like Teddy is asking the hard questions. The full film will be released on Teddy's YouTube channel on September 1st, but until then check out the trailer below.