What is a Capsule Wardrobe and why you Need One this Fall!

The buzzwords "capsule collection" or "capsule wardrobe" are thrown around a lot in the fashion world. But most guys I talk to have no idea what it means and don't understand how much easier having one can make their life. So I wanted to share a quick breakdown of what it is, how it can help you up your style game, and how it can save you time and money.

A 'capsule wardrobe' is a collection of classic pieces that lay the foundation for your personal style. Building a capsule around basics like an amazing pair of dark denim jeans, some great fitting trousers, tailored button-up shirts that you can wear tucked or untucked, pick out some shoes, add a few accessories, and just like that you have created a capsule collection. 

So whats in my fall capsule wardrobe?

Each season pull several items from my racks to become staples of my wardrobe, I spend an afternoon laying out items, making sure everything compliments each other. I also like to try on everything again and make sure it all fits. Then it all goes on to my main rack, which makes finding everything simple. I also use this time to inspect my clothing, make sure nothing needs repair or should be retired, summer clothing gets put to the back of the closet out of the way. 

Planning and organizing your wardrobe makes getting ready each day simple and allows you to dress up or down depending on the situation without a lot of planning. For someone like me who is on the road often, having a go-to mix-and-match wardrobe means I can pack quickly and will be prepared for most eventualities on a trip. Need to dress up, tuck the shirt in and throw on a tie and sports coat, going to a casual dinner, grab my leather jacket and ball cap for a more relaxed look. 

Pants and Shirts: 

The basics of my fall wardrobe are from Charles Tyrwhitt, a British brand that makes some of the best fitting off the rack trousers and shirts. I have their button up in four colors, white, pale red, blue with black polka dots, and a light grey. The trousers I have in mustard, red, and sand. 

For denim my new favorite jeans are by a company called Texas Standard, not only do they fit well and are very comfortable, the attention to detail means they are perfect to dress up for business casual for a more dressy look. Jeans are becoming more and more acceptable in business settings, so long as they are the right jeans, dark, fitted, and with the right break. I wear mine rolled up for a classic American look with boots or unrolled with sneakers.

For tee shirts I wear my own brand mostly M&P Speed Shop, I am a little biased but the graphics are fun and even the solid tees are perfect to wear under a sweatshirt.


I have three pairs of shoes that I rotate through, for a casual look, I wear my Original Penguin sneakers when I need to dress up a little more my Steve McQueen inspired Robert Wayne's Greyson boots are timeless. For more adventurous look or if I am going to need to ride a motorcycle my Bounty Hunters by White's Boot get the job done while still looking classy.


For outerwear, as the weather cools I like to stick to my a vintage leather jacket from the 1950s, its got a lot of character and the scuffs and patina have great stories that go along with them. For a more dressed up daily look my Banana Republic tweed hunting jacket goes perfect with jeans or trousers and with a tie really dressed up a pair of jeans. I also have a navy blue v-neck cashmere sweater and a waistcoat (vest) from Banana Republic that I leave on my main rack if I feel the need to add an extra layer. For more casual days I love a vintage style sweatshirt, if it was good enough for Newman and McQueen you can rock it too. Mine is from Private White V.C. and is one of my favorite fall pieces.


Depending on where you live, accessories may include things like an overcoat or scarf. But for me here in Texas it includes swapping out the watch bands on a few of favorite watches, with summer over the brightly colored NATO straps get put away in favor of a leather rally strap. I also swap out my string back-driving gloves for lambskin and the straw hats get put away and my Stetson Open Road is my go-to hat with my custom Greeley Hat Works Gunnison Punchy coming out for special occasions. I also pull a few of my favorite jackets to hang on my main rack to give me options, they include my vintage duck hunting camouflage jacket, a Charles Tyrwhitt sports blazer, and a Gulf Racing jacket of my own design.

In the end, creating your capsule wardrobe is more about defining your own personal style, simplifying your daily routine, and always looking your best. Plus if you plan your wardrobe for each season you are less likely to overspend on items that may only be worn once or twice.

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None of the links in this story are affiliate or sponsored links, some items were gifted to me however, all items listed are what I wear daily.