5 Trends from SEMA 2019

The 2019 SEMA show has just wrapped in Las Vegas, Nevada. The weeklong celebration of all things automotive is where the industry gathers to show off the latest in car, truck, and SUV trends and technology. This year several new trends were apparent including vintage overlanders and electrified classics really standing out on the show floor. Below are some of the biggest trends we saw at SEMA this year. 

Classic Overlanders

Classic overlanders from vintage Jeeps and Toyotas to classic Land Rovers and Internationals. These iconic vintage trucks and SUVs have been outfitted with modern drivetrains, led lighting, the latest tech, and Overlanding gear. I suspect we will see classic SUVs and 4X4 trucks continue to rise in value.

Go Big or Go Home

Modern size wheels on hot rods, for years the hot rod community has been keeping it old school when it comes to wheel sizing. While some builders have been using oversized wheels for years, the trend seemed to be more pervasive this year across multiple builders and wheel manufacturers.

Electrified Performance

Electrified classics have been gaining in popularity, but this year at SEMA we saw major builders known for their gas-powered rides switching to develop all-electric performance vehicles. Other highlights were plug-and-play electric powertrains for classic cars.

The Return of the King! 

The Supra was expected to be the darling of the show, but from body kits to manual transmission swaps the automotive aftermarket brands really pulled out all the stops to develop products for the new Supra. While many loved to hate the Supra, the popularity of the car at the show was apparent and we should be seeing some of these cars putting down some serious track times soon.

Vintage JDM

Classic Japanese cars have been on the rise for years, but at this year's SEMA show we saw more everyday classics like this highly customized Datsun Fairlady Roadster. In years past only the rarest of the rare would be the recipient of high dollar builds when it came vintage JDM cars and trucks, but now that Japanese classics are on the rise expect to see more products and money being spent on classics from the Land of the Rising Sun.