Chevy Wants Suburban Declared National Vehicle of Texas

by TGR Staff

Back in 1986, the "National Magazine of Texas," Texas Monthly declared that the Chevrolet Suburban was "the most Texan vehicle there is" and named it the National Car of Texas. Since the Suburban is made right here in Arlington, Texas, Chevy had decided to launch a petition to have the Suburban declared as the National Vehicle of Texas yet again.

Texas and Suburban do have a unique history, built since 1935, the Suburban is longest-running nameplate of any vehicle on the road today. Not only is every Suburban sold in the world built in Texas, but for the past five years, a Suburban is sold in Texas every 90 minutes. The Suburban is also the most-most driven vehicle in Dallas and there are over 50,000 Suburbans on the streets of Houston alone.

If you would like to sign the petition visit