Giti Angels: The Next Generation of Racers

by Aigerim Berzinya

Within the field of racing, there has been a long history of male-domination in every sense of the word. With the all-male drivers and technical crews being the tradition for years, one women’s team is breaking new ground. This team is called the Giti Angels. This all-female car racing team is showing that this group of women can hold their own in the racing world, and even leave with a trophy.

Giti is a proud supporter of racing and supports multiple teams in the tournaments by offering racing tires that can withstand the tremendous amount of speed and handling that they must endure while on these tracks. With the help of this sponsor, the Giti Angels have made quite a name for themselves in the racing world as an all-female team and competed with confidence and determination to match.

This women’s team is made up of all-female drivers, as well as an all-female technical crew. Led by Team Chief Ellen Lehmann, this group is sponsored by one of the biggest tire businesses in Singapore. With this backing, they are able to receive support to do what they love, which led them to compete in the 2019 Nürburgring VLN Race tournament.

This race marked a big moment for them because of the performance that they gave at the competition. Coming home with the Best in Class and taking home the trophy for the SP3T Class Championship, the Giti Angels have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. They have received much praise for their VLN weekend performance and their non-stop work ethic.

Their team persevered through obstacle after obstacle when they had to pull an all-nighter to fix their vehicle’s damaged engine that occurred during the race so that they could continue to compete. With the help of their team’s spirit and willingness to put in the work, these women were able to come back with a vengeance and take the trophy even with that major setback. 

With their 300 WV Golf VII GTI TCR, this women’s team was led to victory. Giti tires have been apart of the racing scene since 1951 and have become one of the world’s largest tire companies. With this team’s presence, they were able to get their vehicle and tires through their company and have the ability to competitively compete in the race with the racing equipment they needed.

With drivers Célia Martin and Carrie Schreiner at the wheel, the team was led to the championship over the course of the tournament and received much praise from their male counterparts in regards to their performance, determination, and technical competence. With Race Engineer Corinna Schäfer, they were able to aid Carrie’s performance and give her a way to take the lead in the race.

With this lead, many spectators were paying close attention to the rising talent and the high level of performance that the team was showing. From the start of the competition, which the team saw a slow start, the end result of the race was not clear. However, as the tournament progressed, we saw the Giti Angels get closer and closer to their goal.

With a focus on green energy and community efforts, this company supports those who want to push the boundaries and make a better, brighter future. The women on this team can attest to that, and with many young girls out there seeing female crewmembers and drivers being represented in such a major way, it is safe to say that girls will likely feel more confident taking on a role in the racing industry.

Representation makes a huge difference when it comes to media coverage and sports events, and being able to see an all-female team working together to compete and thrive as a unit allows more girls and women to decide for themselves whether they would like to be apart of the racing world. This also shows people who may think women wouldn’t succeed that they are wrong.

Giti Tires has helped usher in this new team at a time when women really want to see more acceptance in all fields of work. With more women entering the workplace in any capacity, we are likely just beginning to see teams like Giti Angels making waves in male-dominated spaces.

With support from big-name companies like theirs, female-led teams in sports can be seen and heard in a way that has never been done before. From Giti Angels to other racing drivers, and even other sports teams, women can make a place for themselves in a world that has never had the space for female athletes before.

Sponsors and supporters like Giti Tires make it possible for girls and women to reach their dreams of being the next female racing driver, or anything else that they want to be, and offer the backing that they need to make a name for themselves in fields that don’t often take kindly to women succeeding with the boys.

Without support from major companies like Giti, there may not have been an all-female team at all. Although there are other women that are in the driver and technical crew positions, there has not once been a completely female team. Which is a typical occurrence when it comes to having an all-male team. So, having the support from them has been a huge factor is the team reaching their goals.

Whether they are winning titles, or simply joining the race hoping to compete, women in racing just want to have the chance to support and see more women doing what they love in a sport where that is rare. So, supporters like Giti make a big impact on the lives of the teams of women who compete and race to win. 

With the help of major backers, Giti Angels were able to compete in the tournament and get the recognition for their hard work and dedication. However, we can’t forget about the great company that did work behind the scenes to allow these women a chance to achieve their dream.