The ADO Coupe

by Michael Satterfield

A small Scottish firm called ADO has unveiled a "new" sports car, based on the iconic MG Midget/Austin Healey Sprite. Dubbed the ADO Coupe the car is a reimagination of an MG Midget Coupe concept that never saw production. The company was founded by Douglas Anders, Clark Dawson, and Richard Oakes (hence ADO), automotive enthusiasts who have become the first carmakers in Scottland since the 1970s.

The chassis tub, suspension, and running gear are based on the classic MG Midget, the reimagined fiberglass body was designed at ADO based on the original prototype. ADO plans on selling turn-key road-going versions as well as competition shells for racing enthusiasts.

I wanted to be a car designer when I was young, but there were no opportunities for me at that time. I did come up with a few designs which were published a long time ago but this is the first time I’ve created a full-size model…..which I think is a work of art and pretty sensational.
Douglas Anders told the

Pricing has not been released as each car will be bespoke with the buyer selecting the drivetrain, suspension set-up, and level of trim. No statement on international availability was made and the company doesn't appear to have website or any additional information on ordering as of yet.


  1. This looks like and update of the sebring sprite

  2. This is really cool, hope they make it to the states or at least sell the fiberglass.