Five Trends From Shot Show

by Michael Satterfield

My first trip to Shot Show was a little overwhelming, as one of the largest firearms and outdoor trade show in the world there was everything from reproduction flintlock rifles to the latest in off-road e-bikes. I am still going through all of the pictures from the show, but there are five trends that really stood out at Shot Show 2020.

Carbon Fiber

While the material has been used in the industry for years, the trend of showcasing the carbon fiber weave in both clear coated and dry styles were prevalent. Carbon fiber was everywhere, on tactical gear, knives, helmets, accessories, and even guns like the shotgun pictured above. Much like in the car world the choice is aesthetic and I can't even tell you how many times I heard "Ooooo they have it in Carbon Fiber" as I walked the show.

Everyday Tactical 

Several companies were offering bulletproof products like backpacks, backpack inserts, even John Wick style bullet-resistant clothing. While in the past armor was marketed to law enforcement, many companies are producing products designed for everyday consumers and because of this prices have come down. Many bulletproof backpacks retailed for less than $150 and as scary as it is to say, they make kids versions.


The shooting sports hobby is very often about craftsmanship and history, more than a few companies offered replicas and reproductions of historic firearms, but a few were offering DIY kits for everything from a muzzleloader to this awesome miniature signal cannon. Kits from companies like Traditions Firearms allow the hobbyist to choose the finish and customize their projects to their liking while building a replica of a historic firearm like the Kentucky Long Rifle muzzleloader.

Custom is King

While custom guns are nothing new, more brands are offering exotic materials, extreme engraving, and fully hand-built. Want a gun made out of rare metals from outer space? How about one with a grip made from a fossilized T-Rex bone? Or one of those gold plated AK-47, which are popular with the world's most famous despots, cartel members, and rappers, several vendors can make your gold plated dreams come true.

Lifestyle Vehicles

From custom UTVs to purpose-built off-road e-bikes vehicles of all kinds were on display at shot show. But beyond the trucks, UTVs, motorcycles, and e-bikes, there were hundreds if not thousands of vehicle accessories being offered by the vendors at shot show. Remington had a display of their branded truck and SUV wheels and Chevrolet chose to unveil their latest Sierra pickup Real Tree edition live at the show.


  1. not a bad post for your first time at the show!!! I can agree on some of your stuff. Carbon fiber has been around for a while in the defense industry. We use it in competition guns all the time. Even my 1000 yard plus gun that I debuted at the show has a carbon barrel, and carbon suppressor on it.