Five Wild Rides from the Chicago Auto Show

by Michael Satterfield

The Chicago Auto Show opens tomorrow, February 8th, with the latest cars, trucks, and SUVs from the top manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, and Chevrolet. While the production cars like the Corvette C8 and Kia Seltos are exciting new cars for consumers, the specialty cars that are on what really captured my attention. From the limited-edition Liquid Carbon Fiber Ford GT to classic customs these wild rides need to be on your list for your visit to the Chicago Auto Show. Here are my five favorites from the show.

A classic Rolls-Royce covered completely in Swarovsky Crystals makes a statement.

Bilt in 1987  by Richard Fletcher the XF58 or "Ice Princess" is his idea of what a 1950s Studebaker concept car would look like. 

Ford pulled the wraps off their limited edition all Carbon Fiber Ford GT supercar, with a price tag of $750,000 and just a handful being made, don't expect to see one of these on the road anytime soon.

The Golden Sahara started life as a 1953 Lincoln Capri that was restyled by famed hotrodder George Barris. Later it would be rebuilt into the radical show car you see here by Jim Skonzakes. 

Just over 1,100 of the Mazda Cosmo were ever made and few have made their way to the USA, this one is over in the Mazda booth to showcase the company's sports car heritage that led to today's MX-5 being one of the most popular sports cars in the world. 

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