Riding Rungu

by Micahel Satterfield

While I was in Las Vegas for the Shot Show earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet the team from Rungu, an electric bicycle manufacturer from California that makes a unique three-wheeled electric assist cycle that is designed for off-road adventure.

With its two front wheels, the Rungu looks odd at first glance, but once you get on the Rungu the design makes a lot of sense for riding off-road, providing additional stability, traction, and control on loose surfaces. Combined with its massive Maxxis off-road tires, the Rungu easily climbs and descends steep off-road terrain and the two front wheels provide astonishing stability even on sandy loose trails. I spent over an hour ripping up and down some trails just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and unlike most electric bikes I have ridden, the Rungu felt more composed on loose surfaces and in tight corners.

The pedal-assist function makes you feel like a superhero when pedaling up a massive hill with little effort and the smooth and powerful full-electric mode is responsive and surprisingly fast, with a top speed of 23 mph off-road. One drawback of the Rungu is that under current regulations the Rungu can't be legally ridden on the street. But for avid campers, hunters, or for outdoor enthusiasts who need some extra assistance in experiencing their favorite trails the Rungu offers a unique solution.

The Rungu bikes come in several different configurations, including options for accessory mounts, panniers, and cargo trailers. Price range from around $2,400 all the way up to nearly $6,400 (with options) for the MDV Overland bike. For more info head over to RideRungu.com where they have an extensive library of videos and a great FAQ page.