Tag Heuer Connected

by Michael Satterfield

TAG Heuer Connected blends the classic styling of their popular chronographs and blends it with the latest smartwatch technology. With a 45-mm case, stainless-steel titanium, ceramic or sapphire crystal, mechanical pushers, and a rotating crown. The all-active OLED touchscreen can toggle between a digital or mechanical inspired display.

The TAG Heuer Sport app provides detailed tracking for golf, running, cycling, walking and fitness sessions thanks to the watch's built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor, and other sensors. Paired with the new TAG Heuer Sport app, it allows the wearer to connect to other services in the Wear OS by Google library. Including notifications, Google Assistant, Google Translate, Google Pay, music controls, agenda, weather, maps and more.

The TAG Heuer Connected range starts at $1,800 and is currently available at TAGHeuer.com and authorized retailers around the world.