The AWD Texas Inspired RUF We Have Been Waiting For

 by Michael Satterfield

German tuning legend RUF has unveiled a very special car inspired by his time in the USA. The RUF Rodeo Concept is the first off-road car that uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the same chassis as the RUF SCR. Unlike its street-bound siblings, the RUF Rodeo concept has an advanced four-wheel-drive system, all-terrain tires, long-travel suspension and lots of saddle leather. Power comes from either a normally aspirated or turbo-charged RUF flat-six engine.

When we began building our own automobiles it was all for the thrill of the drive, The Rodeo Concept combines that passion for cars with the love of western culture – an appreciation I found while studying in Oklahoma, USA. This car is inspired by some of our favorite people and our love for the countryside.
Estonia Ruf, marketing director of RUF Automobile GmbH.

Sources for inspiration include Bruce Meyer, as well as by Ralph Lauren and his 2011 Western Collection and RUF enthusiast and collector Phillip Sarofim who has roots in Texas. It is easy to see the Ralph Lauren influence in the interior. However, someone should have let them know that you don't ride English at the Rodeo.

Price has not been released but based on what the SCR sells for I would expect the RUF Rodeo to be priced in the $850,000+ range. Check out more at