The CBS Mobile Newsroom

No one seems to know when it was built or who's idea it was at CBS to create this amazing streamlined mobile newsroom, but it might be one of the coolest specialty vehicles ever built. I first spotted in the background of photos from the 1948 National Air Races, held outside of Cleveland Ohio. After searching online without any luck I posted a photo to Facebook where fellow enthusiasts  Mike Hagerty and David Grudt dug up some additional photos that were saved by another former CBS employee Paul Sakrison. Paul didn't have any more info other than the photos he had saved to his phone. 

The streamlined styling seems to be more like something from the 1930s, yet the only photos of the truck show 1948 license plates from New York. The back half is a glass dome that featured a broadcasting console and seating area for conducting interviews, most likely for CBS Radio. The roof also featured a clear canopy that can be seen in one photo slid open, perhaps to allow for filming, or perhaps just ventilation. 

The fact that such a unique vehicle isn't in a museum or collection somewhere is surprising, it would be an amazing barn find and is a unique piece of broadcast history. If you happen to know more about the CBS truck, send us an email we would love to update this story with more information.


  1. Does anyone know if this thing is still around? It would be the ultimate collector antique car!!!!