J. Hathaway Janus Dial

J. Hathaway Janus Dial

by Michael Satterfield - 05/21/2020

This week, startup luxury watch brand J. Hathaway sent over their latest watch, the Janus Dial Tokyo dual time zone. My first impression is that the watch is impressive, but I have to say that the box it arrived in is punching well above its weight class outshining packaging for watches costing thousands more, and hinting to the quality hidden inside.

Included in the blue wooden watch box is a hand-stitched embossed leather travel case, for when you need to hit the road. Traveling is what the Janus Dial was created for and it was inspired by the founder's own adventures that have taken him to over 40 countries. Whether you are a traveler who needs to know the time back home at a glance or if you left your heart in another timezone, the Janus Dial lets you stay connected to the places you love most.

The concept obviously resonated with travelers and horological enthusiasts alike as the Janus Dial surpassed its crowdfunding goal within two hours of launching on Kickstarter. The limited-edition watches are limited to 500 of each version, and once the Kickstarter ends remaining watches will be available to order on the brand's website.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we are receiving from backers around world, it’s been nothing less than phenomenal. Our instant popularity on Kickstarter serves as a strong validation that global travelers are looking for a luxury travel watch offered at a fair price. By bypassing distributors, wholesalers, and retailers and engaging directly with crowdfunders, you’re getting a luxury watch at a fraction of the price.
J. Hathaway Founder Jason Ravin

Wach watch is assembled by hand and is offered in 11 different color combinations inspired by great cities from around the world like Chicago, Hong Kong, Cape Town, and Tokyo. I selected Tokyo since it is a special city for me, not only was it the first city I visited in Asia, but it is now home to my childhood best friend. Wearing the watch is a subtle way to keep him in my thoughts and remind me of our many adventures in Tokyo.

While the story behind the watch is great, how it performed as a watch and its quality is more important, honestly, I didn't have high expectations from a Kickstarter watch based on watches I have seen in the past. But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and attention to detail for a watch with a retail price point of $279.

The Janus Dial features dual Ronda single jewel Swiss-made movements, the 42mm case is made out of stainless steel and says it is "water-resistant" to 30-meters, but I wouldn't go for a swim with it on. The case and dial are finished to a very high standard and I couldn't find any blemishes or tool marks. The case fairly thin at is 6.5mm which is nice for a dress watch and it is comfortable ware. The textured 19mm genuine leather strap is blue on the Tokyo model and is of nice quality for a dress watch, it would also look great on a NATO Strap for the summer. Other models come with a Milanese Mesh bracelet and retail for a bit more at $299. Inserted at the end of each crown is a Brown Topaz Swarovski crystal, which makes for a nice detail.

Overall I have to say that the J. Hathaway has done a nice job of creating a unique watch in the crowded fashion watch space, I would have liked to have seen a nicer movement or perhaps true a true waterproof version since it is being promoted as a travel watch. I would call it more of a travel-themed dress-watch or a watch for the business traveler who isn't going to find himself in the jungles of Nicaragua or motorcycling across Kenya. But the quality and attention to detail are far better than more established fashion watch brands like MVMT or Vincero.

What does make it special is the story that each owner can tell, about a city, a person, or a memory. That storytelling aspect is another important reason why we wear watches and the Janus Dial is a conversation starter for sure.

To learn more or to get your own limited edition J. Hathaway Janus Dial head over to their Kickstarter Page.