Tirescanner Brings Full Service Tire Installation To Your Door

by Michael Satterfield

For many of us, the last few months have meant learning new behaviors; working at home, social distancing, ordering groceries online, all have become part of our new way of life. Car maintenance is one of those things that many of us simply can't do at home, especially when it comes to major services like installing new tires, that is where Tirescanner comes in.

While you have been able to order tires online for years, but like most people, I don't have the equipment to mount and balance tires in my home garage. Even if you did get a great deal on the tires, you'll gonna still have to load them up and drive to an installation center where you'll have to wait an hour or more while they mount and balance your tires. Tirescanner's platform allows you to not only shop for tires at the best prices, but select on having your tires delivered to a local installer, or even better having a mobile installer drive to your house and install your tires in your garage or driveway.

No leaving the house, no sitting for hours in a tire shop waiting room, and no haggling and upselling from the mechanic. With Tirescanner you simply select your tires, place your order, and schedule an in-home installation appointment.

If you are wanting a contactless experience you can communicate that to the installer, just simply open the garage when they arrive or leave the vehicle in the driveway. If your vehicle has a locking lug nut key, leave that in the center console and text the installer so they know where to look for it.

The installer will securely jack up the vehicle, remove the wheels, and each wheel and tire to the state-of-the-art tire changing van. The mobile install team made sure to also check the valve stems and tire-pressure monitors (TPS) and make sure that the TPS system was working correctly once tires were reinstalled.

After just over an hour, all four tires were, mounted, balanced, and installed. Tirescanner installer, from Tread Connection, a regional partner, did a final check with a torque wrench, made sure that the tire pressure was correct, and that the TPS was rest and functioning properly. After loading up the used tires, he was back on the road and on to the next installation.

If you are in the market for new tires and don't want to deal with the hassle of going to a tire shop, or perhaps you simply value being able to stay at home, I highly recommend the team from Tirescanner. It is easy to see why they have an Excellent Rating from Trustpilot with their easy to use website and expert installers, making the entire process hassle-free. Visit to compare prices and schedule an appointment.

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Tirescanner did provide the tires and installation to me, but I didn't install them on my own vehicle, instead, I found a neighbor who was about due for a new set of tires anyways. He couldn't be happier with the process, all he had to do was open the garage, free to work in his home office, watch a movie, or just enjoy not have to leave the house. I was not compensated for this story or review, all opinions are my own.