Future Classics in 16mm

by Michael Satterfield

Chances are you have never heard of Elisa Ressegatti, the Swiss-born, Los Angeles based filmmaker, but you have more than likely seen his work. His work has celebrated cars with Mercedies-Benz, Grand Basel, Peugeot, and many others, but his pet project a series called Future Classics is something truly for automotive the enthusiast.

The series of shorts are shot on 16mm film and each, roughly two-minute episode isn't about the rarest car or most exotic, not one car in the series is particularly valuable, but each car is owned by a real car person. The YouTube-based series features owners like April and her well used Jaguar XJS that gets to stretch its legs in the canyons outside of LA, or Jose with his Fox Body Mustang who developed his love for cars on the streets of Long Beach. Each video in the series touches on the passion these owners have for their vehicles and are beautifully shot and edited. 

There are currently nine episodes of Future Classic and I would encourage you to head over and watch them all at futureclassics.tv.