GoFish Action Cam

by Michael Satterfield

Since moving to Texas I have found myself invited on more and more fishing trips and other outdoor adventures, from local rivers and streams to private lakes on friend's ranches, I have probably fished more in the last six months than I had the previous decade. So when https://gofishcam.com/GoFish Cam reached out to see if I would be interested in trying out their new underwater fishing camera I thought it could be a fun way to share my fishing adventures.

The slick action cam works for all types of fishing even casting, I have to admit I was skeptical of how it would affect casting. I also worried it could fall off and be lost, or cause drag or get snagged more when reeling it in. But after a few casts and adjusting to the added weight, it was like any other day fishing. Later we moved over to the dock and with the addition of the GoFish Cam Float, the camera functioned as the bobber. 

The camera captures HD video and can be used in fresh or saltwater, recording your biggest moments from an angle never before possible for the average consumer. Rated to a depth of 500 feet and strong enough to take up to 1,000lbs of tension the GoFish Cam handle almost any fishing trip you have planned. Its 2 hour recording time gives you the ability to capture your fishing memories and the built-in wifi lets you transfer videos to your phone via the GoFish App for instant sharing.

While I didn' have much luck on the days I went fishing, GoFish Cam has a page full of videos from users showing their fishing adventures. Check out their video page for videos which include everything from fishing for Northern Pike in Canada to capturing a 600lb Bull Shark in the ocean, while I didn't get any epic shots on my last few attempts I am going to keep using the GoFish Cam when I do head out for a day on the lake.

GoFish Cam is Priced at $149.99 for $199.99 you can get a 2-Year loss coverage plan, learn more or order yours at gofishcam.com.