Hyundai has Created a DIY Soapbox Racer You Can Build at Home

TGR Staff 

Hyundai has released a DIY Soapbox racer that parents can build together with their children, if you can get the whole neighborhood involved you might just have the makings of a race. The soapbox was developed by a team of engineers and designers from Hyundai's European technical center and is intended to quality time for customers, families, and friends, Hyundai has made the instructions available to download so the vehicle can be built at home.

The soapbox is made out of wood, metal rods, and connecting materials such as brackets and screws. The wheels are from a wheelbarrow. It has joysticks for steering and a simple mechanism for braking. While the soapbox is built for children, it has been designed to carry an adult’s weight.

For instructions on how to build your own soapbox, go here.