Maintaining Your Golf Game During Winter

TGR Staff -10/13/2021

Whether you are a serious golfer or play golf just occasionally, you probably want to keep up with your game so you don't waste any time on the links. A long winter break makes it easy to get out of practice and once winter is over, you might find yourself unable to perform. But with a little effort, you can work on improving your game during the office season.

Keeping in shape and even developing your physical strength and limberness is key to any athletic endeavor. By just getting in shape, you will become a better golfer, increase your endurance and resistance to injury. You can even use your golf clubs as part of your workout routine.

What are the best things to focus on during the winter?


Work on your swing:

Try to practice your swing in the backyard, if you live where there is snow, try the garage or if you have enough space inside the house. Just make sure to clear any objects out of the way before you start swinging away. Even if you aren’t hitting a ball, it will help keep your rhythm and flexibility on point. If you like tech and have the budget, PhiGolf’ssimulator is a great way to work on your swing.


Watch golf:

It may seem silly, but watching professional golf or even online tutorials can help you learn new ways to improve your game. If you have to be inside all winter anyway you might as well learn from the best. If you don’t have a golf channel don’t worry, there are thousands of hours of golfing content on YouTube. is by far our favorite golf YouTube channel.


Work on your short game:

Putting is something we can all use help with and you don’t need a fancying indoor putting green to hone your skills, a paper cup and the carpet is a good start. You can however get a niceputting green with electric ball return for around $70 or less if you shop online, there are a number of great indoor putting greens you can find.


Read some golf books:

There are some great books on golf, one of the best is EveryShot Must Have a Purpose, written by two legendary golfing coaches Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, they focus on more than the fundamentals and help you become a better golfer from mindset to swing. Another classic is BenHogan’s Five Lessons which has sold nearly one million copies, it not only has great writing by one of the all-time masters but useful illustrations and diagrams to help you make the most out of your game.

Spring is just around the corner, following these simple tips can make sure you are ready to play once the weather warms up.