Lull Mattress Long Term Review

Lull provided us with a mattress to test, however, we not compensated for this review and all opinions are those of the author.Lull Mattress Long Term Review

by Michael Satterfield

Shortly after getting married my wife and decided it was time to do a complete redo on our bedroom, combining our tastes into a relaxing space that reflected us, part of the bedroom redesign including upgrading to a king-size mattress. The idea of mattress shopping in the height of lockdown wasn't very appealing, besides many stores were closed so having a bed shipped with no-contact delivery made a lot of sense. After all most of the other parts of this decore project were also ordered online, so why not the mattress. 

The process was simple we selected the Lull Mattress size and the corresponding Lull Mattress Foundation, which were shipped and arrived at our door just a few days later. We didn't order the optional foundation legs as we had ordered a custom bed from a local furniture maker, but it is a nice option if you want a standalone platform bed shipped right to your door. Once the bed arrived it was time to move out our old bed, and assemble the foundation. The foundation goes together quickly and is designed to be assembled without any tool, making it a very simple process.  

Lull Mattress Long Term Review

Now that the foundation was in place it was time to bring in the mattress, mind you this mattress is made up of three layers of foam and weighs over 90 lbs so you might want to get some help moving it. Once in place on the foundation, I carefully unwrap and cut into the vacuum bag freeing the mattress from its rolled-up state. It doesn't immediately inflate, but slowly expands back into the shape of a mattress. I let the mattress sit a few hours and left a window open to allow the "new bed smell" to naturally air itself out. 

Lull Mattress Long Term Review

The first thing that I noticed is that the bed is made of very nice materials and there is great attention to detail. I can also speak from some experience, as for two years I sold high-end mattresses at a large furniture store in California, and the Lull Mattress has the same quality as the luxury name brand mattresses we carried. It was far better than what I expected from a "bed in a box." But Lull is more than just a mattress company, they are really more of a sleep company, beyond their mattress and standard foundation, they offer bed frames, bedding, pillows, and more. 

The first night on the Lull was good, unlike our previous name brand, all-foam mattress, there wasn't that sinking feeling you can get with foam mattresses. It also held up to Lull's claim that it promoted cooler sleeping by transferring body heat away through the top gel layer. It also passed the movement test, allowing me to get up or roll over distributing the motion to my wife's side of the bed. The next morning we both felt that we had slept better and enjoyed having the extra space.

Lull Mattress Long Term Review

Fast forward a few months later and the bed is not just holding up but makes good on its claims of being a premium mattress, making every night at home almost feel like we are staying at a luxury hotel, sans the fact that we have to get up and go to work. Jennifer and I both feel that we are sleeping better and no longer wake up with backaches. Plus the Lull Mattress is thousands less than comparable mattresses on the market and ships free right to your door.

If you would like to try a new way of shopping for a mattress, Lull offers a risk-free 100 night trial, if you don't love your Lull within the first 100 nights, they will arrange for a hassle-free pick up and a full refund.

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