SCV8 Jaguar X-Type Comes out of Hiding after 15 Years

SCV8 Jaguar X-Type

TGR Staff

The SCV8 X-Type has not seen in public for over 15 years, the unique race car that never raced has emerged for sale 18 years after its original reveal. This special car is the last built by four-time BTCC champion and Touring Car legend Andy Rouse for the SCV8 championship in 2003. The spaceframe cars were designed to feature a production body wrapped around bespoke spaceframe chassis and run 550bhp 3.2 Nicholson McLaren V8s. 

The Jaguar was tested by Justin Wilson when new and is being sold by former Rouse employee and Touring Car Specialist Alan Strachan through CNC AWS. It can be purchased as either a rolling chassis or track prepared with a Lotus V8 engine. The car comes with all the drawings, paperwork, and a small cache of spares that Andy Rouse has kept. Beautifully built and engineered by Rouse Hall Motorsport, the car was designed to be easy to maintain, affordable to run yet quicker and more thrilling than rival saloon series.

SCV8 Jaguar X-Type

SCV8 had the public support of both Jaguar and Peugeot with other manufacturers expressing interest in the high-powered dramatic silhouette concept that draws parallels with the direction other championships have subsequently taken. Sadly, the timing and turmoil in UK motorsport led to its demise before any races were held and Rouse has kept the car ever since.