The Bad Habits Young Drivers Need Help With

The Bad Habits Young Drivers Need Help With

TGR Staff  | Photo by Anthony Fomin  - 10/13/2021

Young drivers are, by far, those at most risk of getting into an accident on the road. Often, it’s due to a simple lack of experience and not having gained the wisdom that older drivers might have. Here, we’re going to look at some of the bad habits young drivers need help in getting rid of.

Driving too rough

Routine maintenance is always required to help a car stay in the best condition, to avoid malfunctions on the road, and not put the driver in any more danger. However, certain driving habits, such as accelerating and braking too hard, can put the parts under undue stress, which wears them down even more quickly. As such, learning to be more gentle with speed changes can help make a car both safer and less expensive over time.

Allow distraction in the car

How do you prevent distracted driving? Prevention is the key. No one sets off, expecting or wanting to be distracted. However, if you don’t have a hands-free set for your phone, but you find you need to use or answer it, the temptation can be there. Similarly, you should get to know which friends can be trusted to be in your car. If anyone risks your safety, even after they have been informed not to distract you, you shouldn’t let them in the car anymore.

Not paying attention to speed

Most drivers would probably think that they don’t speed to dangerous degrees. However, young motorists need to learn the dangers of speeding, even a little. Most GPS apps, such as Google Maps, have speed trackers that let you know what the speed in the area is and can alert you if you are going over the limit. Of course, there are some conditions where not speeding can be more dangerous, such as if all of the other vehicles surrounding you are speeding, but this should be treated as the exception, not the rule.

Not having a strict policy about drinking and driving

Again, most people don’t set out to drink and drive. However, a lot of people can be laxer with the policies, such as getting behind the wheel after “only one” drink, when even one drink can slow your reaction times down to a dangerous degree. Otherwise, if you’re planning to drink at all, make sure that you are not responsible for your own keys, as your judgment might not be as sound later in the evening.

Failing to pay attention to other vehicles

Whatever way you are driving, you should ensure that you adapt to changing conditions on the road. 

Young drivers tend to focus very closely on their own driving experience and making sure that they are doing everything right. However, learning some defensive driving can teach them to be just as cognizant of the others on the road and how to mitigate any risks they might introduce.

If there’s a young driver in your life, be sure to help them learn these lessons as soon as possible. Their safety could very well depend on it.