Finally, A Flamethrower for the Rest of Us

Pulsefire LRT by Exothermic Technologies

TGR Staff - 11/17/2021

Literally one of the hottest gifts of the year is the  Pulsefire LRT by Exothermic Technologies, a compact flamethrower that can be shipped directly to your door for just $689.99. The Pulsefire isn't a modified roofing torch like the Boring Company flame thrower which was over $500 when it came out and fanboys pay over $1,500 for now. It is an actual tool that has a number of uses for those of us who live in rural areas and are in need of a way to safely perform controlled burns. 

Pulsefire LRT by Exothermic Technologies

This patent-pending Pulsefire is an ultra-compact, lightweight, fully handheld flamethrower, and can send a blast of fire 25 feet away. Using gasoline or a gas/diesel mixture the Pulsefire is as simple to operate as a weedeater, fill with fuel, charge the battery, point in a safe direction, and at the push of a button, you can rain fire down to light your bonfire or clear brush in a controlled burn. 

Pulsefire LRT by Exothermic Technologies

Of course, fun is illegal in states like California, so be sure to check your local laws, but for those living in rural America, this could be a great tool and a gift that will surely light up your loved ones' holiday. 

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Disclaimer this is not paid endorsement of this product and like all tools, it should only be operated in a safe manner.