Nissan Unveils Fairlady Z and Z GT500 Race Car

Nissan Unveils Fairlady Z and Z GT500 Race Car at Tokyo Auto Salon

TGR Staff - 1/14/2022

Nissan unveiled the Japan-market Fairlady Z including a modified version called the "Customized Proto" which recalls several design cues from the legendary Fairlady Z432. This version gets a much more refined front bumper, and a bevy of aftermarket parts we hope will make it to the Nissan parts catalog stateside. 

While the one-off custom is cool, more importantly, Nissan also pulled the wraps off the all-new Z GT500 race car which put its first public laps down at Fuji International Speedway. This new car will compete in the Super GT Series. This is the first Fairlady Z to compete in the top tier GT500 class since 2007, the new car replacing the GT-R which brought home four championships for Nissan. The GT-R will be sticking around in the GT300 class, but we hope that Nissan will produce a Z GT300 because that would make a Z GT3 car a real possibility. 

The Nissan Z has a long history in motorsports, from the early 1970s as a newcomer to the United States, Nissan racked up wins in the SCCA C Production Series with the S30 240Z. In the 1990s, Nissan had multiple wins at the IMSA Series with the Z32 300ZX and its participation in the JGTC/Super GT series with the Z33 in the 2000s ultimately led to a series championship.

The Z GT500 will share no parts with a production Z, as with all cars in this class it is based on carbon fiber monocoque tubs with a composite body. Under the hood, you won't find the expected V6, but the class required turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is capped at making 650 horsepower.  

Nissan Unveils Fairlady Z and Z GT500 Race Car

We are entering the 2022 Super GT series with our all-new Nissan Z GT500 car and our huge passion for motorsports. We hope that our fans will continue to passionately support the Nissan and NISMO motorsport teams.

 President and CEO of NISMO Takao Katagiri

Under the Nissan NEXT transformation plan announced in May last year, Nissan has been transforming its business to provide superior brand value. The move to enter the highly competitive Super GT series with the all-new Nissan Z sports car is part of this effort. The GT500 class has only fielded Japanese manufacturers since Aston Martin left the series over a decade ago pitting Nissan against its two largest rivals Toyota and Honda. 

Nissan Unveils Fairlady Z and Z GT500 Race Car