What Will Compromise Your Love Of Driving?

What Will Compromise Your Love Of Driving?

TGR Staff - 01/24/2022

We all know that driving can be fun. In fact, that’s the default position -- if you’ve invested the time, energy, and money needed to get a vehicle that you love, then spending time behind the wheel will be a pleasure, not a chore. However, though there’s a lot of capacity for having fun on the roads, it would be wrong to think that every moment will be fun. Nothing is perfect, after all! And it’s just a fact of life that some things will compromise your enjoyment from time to time.

But what are they? In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most annoying elements of driving, as well as offer some advice on how you can overcome them. 

Traffic Issues

If you’re behind the wheel, then you’ll want, of course, to actually be moving. You might like your vehicle, but you probably don’t like it enough to just sit in it without moving anywhere. There’s not too much that you can do about traffic, but you can influence how much you’re stuck in traffic. For example, if you’re hitting the same traffic jam each day, then look at switching your route. There might be an alternative, car-free route available. Even if the route takes slightly more time, you’ll enjoy it more, purely because you’re actually driving, rather than just crawling at a snail’s pace. 

High Costs

There’s no avoiding the fact that running a vehicle can be expensive. You wish that the price of the car was “all inclusive,” and that there were no additional charges. Alas, that’s not the case! There’s always something to pay for, be it maintenance, gas, insurance, and the rest. While you’ll never be able to free yourself of these costs entirely, you can reduce them. For example, you can learn to improve your MPG rate and find out which gas station has the lowest prices. You’ll enjoy driving more when you don’t feel like it’s destroying your bank balance. 

Constant Repairs

There are some vehicles that give us nothing but trouble. We’re always taking them to the garage to get fixed with one problem or another. If you have this problem, then you’ll have two solutions at your disposal. The first is to take a more proactive approach to maintenance. Many problems can be resolved just by taking some preventative measures. The other option is to accept that you’ve got a car that’ll always have issues and invest in a different vehicle. Some cars just aren’t cut out to go the distance! 

Weather Capabilities

It’ll be frustrating if your car is built with one particular climate or region in mind, and you don’t currently live in that type of area. For example, there are some vehicles that would be perfect for New York City, not so perfect for Northern Michigan. If you find yourself in that situation, then look at modifying your vehicle. Your car might not be able to handle snowy weather too well right now, but with a few adjustments, you could find that it can handle the brisk weather with ease. The main point is that you should have confidence that your car can handle the climate. 

Incident on the Roads

You might be an excellent driver, but you’re not the only person on the roads. And unfortunately, some drivers just aren’t going to be as safe and secure on the roads as you are. Being involved in an incident on the roads can be a harrowing experience, and it can take some time before you feel confident getting behind the wheel. You’ll find it easier if, first, you have justice for what happened, so make sure to get in touch with a car accident lawyer to fight your case. After that, it’s about easing yourself back into life on the roads -- try to stick to quiet roads while you build your confidence up again. 

Having the motor vehicle registry issue you a notice of suspending your right or license to drive can be frustrating. It could be that a police officer or health professional has filed with the registry stating why you should not be allowed to drive for safety reasons. Fortunately, you can speak to a lawyer to have an immediate threat suspension reviewed as early as possible to enjoy your auto life.

Car Envy

Comparison is the thief of joy. That applies to all areas of our lives, including our life on the road! There’ll always be someone with a nicer vehicle than you. If you’re continually looking at other people’s cars, or browsing car magazines for the latest models, then you probably won't be able to enjoy your car as much as you could. So rather than always looking at what other people have, focus on your own set of wheels. You’ll find that there’s much to love about your car if you just pay attention to it!

Nowhere To Park

And now to be a more trivial issue: always having to drive around the block multiple times because there’s nowhere to park. This is, of course, more of an issue in big cities rather than rural areas. When this happens, you’ll just grow annoyed and find that you can’t wait to get out of your car. Not a situation you want to be in! If possible, it might be worthwhile investing in a permanent car parking space. If that’s not an option, then you might just have to learn the art of patience. 

Uncomfortable Driving

The engine might work perfectly, but if you’re not comfortable, then you won’t want to spend all your time driving, will you? So take a look at making your vehicle more comfortable. You can make it clean, make it smell nice, and invest in seat cushions so that your body is always comfortable. 

Too Much Time Behind The Wheel

Finally, remember that sometimes, it’s possible to overdo it. Even things we love can become a little boring and tiring if we’re doing all the time. If you’ve been spending too much time driving, then it could be a good idea to take a break, especially if you’re just driving for work purposes. In that case, the solution to the problem is fairly obvious -- stop driving for a little while. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for driving once you’ve spent a week away from the wheel, and especially if you’ve been using public transport to get around.