Brabham | Base Performance Simulators Feature Historic Liveries

Brabham | Base Performance Simulators Feature Historic Liveries

TGR Staff - 02/25/2022

During the pandemic, a lot of us spent time behind the virtual wheel, be it bolted to a desk or at a proper racing simulator. But Brabham Motorsport has collaborated with Base Performance Simulators to create some of the coolest racing sims we have ever seen. These limited edition sims come in three iconic liveries made famous by racing legend Sir Jack Brabham.

Sir Jack was an innovator in Grand Prix throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s, piloting Cooper to global success before constructing his own car in 1962. Jack’s third world title in 1966 made him the first, and to date only, driver in history to win the Formula 1 World Championship in a car of his own design.

Base Performance Simulators has taken three of Barbham's most iconic Grand Prix cars liveries with cutting-edge simulation technology, allowing drivers to test, compete and play on a truly professional level, be they professional racing drivers, esports competitors, or enthusiastic home gamers.

The three limited-edition Brabham Motorsport / Base Performance Simulator racing sims are as follows:


Brabham | Base Performance Simulators Feature Historic Liveries

The BT19 from 1966, is the car that Sir Jack Brabham raced to his third Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship and Brabham’s first Constructors’ Championship. It was a remarkable achievement because it made Jack Brabham the first and so far only driver to win the world championship in a car of his own construction. The BT19 sim reflects the green and gold color scheme of this pioneering era.


Brabham | Base Performance Simulators Feature Historic Liveries

The BT46B, also known as the ‘Fan Car’, was introduced at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix as a counter to the dominant ground-effect Lotus 79. The design was so dominant, that after consultation with the sport’s governing body, the FIA, then-Brabham F1 team owner Bernie Ecclestone decided to withdraw the car from competition after just one race. The BT46B sim brings the red, white, and blue of this iconic car back to life.


Brabham | Base Performance Simulators Feature Historic Liveries

The BT52 was designed for the 1983 F1 season and took Nelson Piquet to his second world championship title at the height of Formula 1’s power-hungry turbo years. What makes this car so remarkable is that Gordon Murray and the design team had only six weeks to design the car after the FIA banned ground-effect cars late in 1982, meaning that the planned BT51 could not be raced. Piquet made superb use of the mighty BMW-powered BT52, which boasted in excess of 1200bhp in qualifying trim, to defy the odds and score three victories on the way to the title. The distinctive blue and white livery sets will make this sim the centerpiece of any area. 

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