9 Reasons a Motorcycle Will Always Beat a Car for a Road Trip

9 Reasons a Motorcycle Will Always Beat a Car for a Road Trip

TGR Staff - 04/12/2022

When we talk about road trips, what's the first thing that comes to mind? The open road? The opening of your mind? If you are looking for the quintessential solo travel experience, a road trip does so much for the soul. It can be a perfect stopgap before you enter the world of work or covering hundreds of miles can help you understand yourself. Whatever you want from it, a road trip is an amazing thing. But when it comes to the right mode of transport, it might be better for you to hit the road on a motorcycle rather than a car. Why is this? 

Your Costs Are Much Cheaper!

If you used a car, you would be guzzling the fuel, which can have a major impact on your wallet. A motorcycle is a far more economical and eco-friendly approach, which is why if you can find a good motorcycle for rent, you will fare better, financially speaking. In fact, the average fuel economy of a motorcycle is approximately 85 miles per gallon, making it even more eco-friendly than most hybrid cars.

You Have To Pack Light

We are all used to our home comforts. A road trip shouldn't be about making a home away from home. You've got to see what the world has to offer, but you've also got to learn how to navigate this big wide world. Therefore, you need to leave all or most of your worldly possessions behind. When we pack for a car road trip we can take everything, but when you opt for a motorcycle, it forces you to make the decision as to what is truly essential for you. Do you need to take a laptop? It's unlikely. Having an opportunity to disconnect from your old life means that you're going to feel freer. 

It’s Great for Your Fitness

While it's not going to be as beneficial to your figure as cycling everywhere, the reality is that riding a motorcycle in comparison to sitting in a car is going to burn more calories. You need to keep the bike steady so when you are taking a long road trip, it is going to help you burn a few calories here and there. So when you are looking for some of the best roadside diners, if you burn some calories you can treat yourself to a dessert without the guilt! 

You Get To Connect With Nature

The whole point of a road trip is that you see what the world has to offer you. When you're on a motorcycle, you really get to feel what it's like. The great thing about heading on a motorcycle is that you can stop anywhere and take in the sights, sounds, and even the smells of scenic locations that will make you think twice about ever taking a Greyhound bus or a train again! There are so many benefits to being out in nature. We are all meant to thrive in nature, which is why we feel so much better after we go camping. If you go on a motorcycle, you could opt for a more outdoor experience when in terms of overnight travel. Pitch up a tent, and if you really want to, you can snuggle up next to your motorcycle! 

You Get To Meet More People

Bikers attract bikers, it’s a fact of life! Much like the truckers fraternity, you feel like you're in some sort of exclusive club. So whenever you stop at a cafe along your journey, if another biker sees you, they are more likely to offer a wave and a conversation than somebody driving a car. There are plenty of bike groups that you may want to check out on social media before you head off, and these road trip buddies could start you on an amazing road to friendship. 

It's More Challenging

When we go on road trips in a car, we can semi-relax because we've got the open road and very minimal traffic around us, but one of the great things about going on a road trip on a motorcycle is that you need to have a certain level of awareness so you can stay safe. Rather than sapping you of your energy, this sense of hyper-awareness can help you get more out of your road trip. Having a greater understanding of certain types of roads along your journey will help you to navigate them better, but because you are experiencing everything first-hand on the road, you are going to be able to take in more sights and scenery so you will get more out of your journey. 

You Can Park Anywhere

If you are driving in a car, finding somewhere to park can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you're just trying to make a pitstop, but you've got to venture around the block a few times to even find somewhere that will accommodate your campervan. When you are on a motorcycle, you can simply slide into the most compact of spaces. 

They Are Easier To Maneuver

Motorcycles make life a lot easier as far as travel is concerned. We've already said that a motorcycle is easier to park, but when you are covering a huge distance on a major road trip motorcycles give you a lot more access, especially when you are traveling around the US. And this means that when you are covering a huge number of miles, you don't have to sit in traffic. More places are allowing lane splitting, so if you find yourself in the peak of pandemonium during rush hour, you can easily maneuver your way to the front and you can bid the traffic goodbye. Some people don't take too kindly to motorcycles weaving in and out, however, you have got to remember that they are only jealous at the end of the day! Motorcycles are easier to maneuver on a great road trip. They are compact, practical, and allow you to do so much more. When you think about the practical aspects of a road trip, you are always going to benefit from a motorcycle over a car. So when we think about how many miles we can cover, we are naturally going to get more out of the experience. The more we do, the more we appreciate what it's like on a major road trip. This level of freedom, combined with the practical aspects of having a motorcycle, means you will never look back.

You Will Have More Fun

You are by yourself and when you've got no one else to answer to, combined with the visceral thrill of riding a motorcycle, you have a greater sense of freedom in comparison to any other type of vehicle. You will feel like you can get more out of your journey, so you need to try venturing out on a motorcycle as part of a road trip because it's not just going to make life easier in so many ways, but heading on a motorcycle, if you've never done so before, gives you a greater sense of appreciation with what you can do. 

Road trips are always an amazing way to open your mind, and if you can do something extra to make it a more worthwhile experience, on the throne of a motorcycle is certainly one of the best ways to do it. From feeling the wind on your face to taking in the sights and making life easier for yourself whenever you have a stopover, a motorcycle will always trump a car!